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There are a lot of websites and blogs aimed to help people live a positive life and work on self-improvement. However, in my opinion, there can never be enough positive mediums in the world helping others tap into their potential of self and life.


When you look around there seems to be negativity  surrounding you in all directions. Television, movies, music, news shows, newspapers, people, wars, poverty, homelessness, violence, bailouts, and much much more!


If we have the negative, we need to have more positive to offset the damage done by the negative.


It is my hope that you will see positive change in your life  as something to be attained and directly related to your time, effort, dedication and commitment. Yes, to a certain extent we all have limitations and  shortcomings, but those areas in your life should not keep you from moving toward a better you and a better world.


I believe heavily in scriptures and encouragements, I also believe in the practicality of positive change. I have the belief that besides words, you need action to bring about a long-lasting positive change in  your life. And the action can only be done by YOU!


So although is here to provide you with spiritual encouragement and motivation, my purpose is also to show you what you can do to start making those life-long positive changes in ALL areas of your life.


Faith and deed go hand in hand. When you believe that you can change, but fail to address your actions and behaviors, how can you expect any change to occur in your life? When your faith and actions work together, then change is inevitable.


Let go of the fear and doubt and make a committment to create a POSITIVELIFESTYLE!




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